GM Bananas Could Be Available in Colombia in the Coming Years


The Agro-bio Association promotes biotechnology in Colombia and has emphasized its commitment to driving innovation and progress in its agricultural sector. It was evidenced in a series of events where genetically modified bananas by the British company Tropic Biosciences were presented. The conferences, organized by Agro-Bio, brought together about 500 students from five prominent universities in Bogotá, Medellín, Carepa, and Santa Marta, as well as banana producers from Antioquia and Magdalena. These events aim to bring young people and farmers closer to the transformative potential of new crop improvement technologies in agriculture to ensure sustainable food production and reduce the environmental impact of agriculture.

Through the presentation of Marina Pais, director of regulation at Tropic Biosciences, attendees were informed about the company's efforts to revolutionize banana cultivation. Among the highlights of the presentation are three genetically modified Cavendish banana varieties. Genetic editing in agriculture offers many possibilities, such as developing crops resistant to pests and diseases, environmental stress tolerance, drought and floods, and an improved nutritional profile. Emerson Aguirre, president of Augura, a guild that brings together banana producers and marketers from Antioquia and Magdalena, mentioned that genetic editing has generated a lot of excitement in the banana sector due to its speed, precision, and effectiveness compared to other crop improvement methods. These advances could easily be applied to different varieties of bananas and plantains grown in the country for local consumption.