Vietnamese province has nine banana production unit codes for export


In 2023, Phu Tho will have 24 banana production unit codes for domestic consumption and nine banana production unit codes for export. Recently, the quality of Phu Tho bananas has improved, along with branding. According to information from the Crop Production and Plant Protection Sub-Department of Phu Tho province, in 2023, the unit has issued 24 production unit codes to serve domestic consumption for over 300 ha of bananas, as well as coordinating with the Department of Plant Protection to issue 9 production unit codes for 250 ha of bananas for export.

Phu Tho is planning to build concentrated banana production areas on both banks of the Red River, striving to have about 4,820 ha of bananas by 2025. In the coming time, Phu Tho bananas will focus on the primary export market, which will have many advantages in China. To achieve this goal, Phu Tho will organize banana production centrally, linked along the value chain to meet large quantities, uniform quality, and specific planting area codes. In those link chains, the relationship between farmers, businesses, and cooperatives must be tight and contractual to avoid freedom of production and sale and ensure stability in output. Not only production but also the transportation, processing, and preservation stages must also be focused on upgrading warehouses, packaging equipment, and labels to affirm the brand.