Chiquita turns up the volume on color, sustainability in Berlin


Rebecca König, Chiquita’s Germany-based marketing manager, took center stage at Fruit Logistica 2024, where she delved into both vibrant campaigns and the critical topic of banana sustainability.

The Cavendish, the world’s leading banana variety, faces a dual threat from diseases and environmental challenges worldwide. In response, Chiquita has launched the groundbreaking Yelloway initiative. This initiative aims to foster biodiversity within the banana category and produce fruit that is resilient to pathogenic diseases and the impacts of climate change. “Yelloway is committed to saving the future of the banana,” emphasized König. Bananas play a vital role as an essential source of nutrition, feeding countless people globally.

The urgency for banana biodiversity cannot be overstated. König highlighted that the first field trials of Yelloway-produced bananas in the Philippines are already yielding promising results.

At Fruit Logistica, Chiquita’s vibrant booth showcased artwork by Brazilian Happy Art Movement founder Romero Britto as part of their new campaign, “Pop by Nature”. Britto’s colorful art provides inspiration during winter’s gray days. Chiquita features his lively visuals on impactful out-of-home billboards in iconic locations across key markets, as well as in digital campaigns and interactive experiences.