Dole celebrates 125th Anniversary of its Banana Business


In 1899, three Sicilian brothers and their brother-in-law in New Orleans combined their life savings and began importing bananas from Honduras to introduce Americans to an exotic new fruit from South America. Little did Joseph, Felix, Lucca Vaccaro, and Salvador D’Antoni know that they were laying the foundation for one of the world’s largest providers of fresh fruits and vegetables. This venture would eventually become Standard Fruit, a crucial part of Dole Food Co., and the iconic Dole banana.

As the four entrepreneurial brothers operated steamships, grew their own fruit, and competed for the ice necessary to ship bananas, they unknowingly shaped the future of the banana industry. Now, in 2024, Dole proudly celebrates 125 years of farming, shipping, and selling bananas. Their year-long celebration includes contests, partnerships, proclamations, recipes, and special appearances by Bobby Banana, the seven-foot mascot dedicated to inspiring healthier living.

“From humble beginnings, Dole has become synonymous with bananas, forever changing the way we experience this delicious and nutritious fruit,” says William Goldfield, Dole’s director of corporate communications. As they commemorate their growth, innovation, and commitment to responsible produce cultivation, Dole invites the world to join them on a journey that traces the deep roots of their past and paves the way for a brighter future.

Banana enthusiasts exploring the Dole 125th Banana-versry landing page will discover an ever-expanding array of ways to indulge their passion for this ubiquitous yellow fruit in 2024. From banana tips and recipes to digital downloads and engagement opportunities, Dole’s celebration promises to be a delightful and fruitful experience.