Colombia: Banasan Awarded for its Environmental Commitment


Global banana marketers (Banasan) has reached an achievement by receiving the Certification of Excellence in Sustainability granted by (CHEP), marking a fundamental step in its environmental commitment and responsibility. It should be noted that this award certifies the company's efforts with its suppliers, consolidating its position as a benchmark in promoting the circular economy, a model of production and consumption that involves sharing, reusing, renewing, and recycling materials and products.

With more than 17 years in the sector, Banasan has stood out for its commitment to caring for the environment, as expressed by Enrique Méndez, Legal Representative of the company: "We are an international banana marketer dedicated to the export of fruit grown by small and large producers in the department of Magdalena, one of the most important agricultural areas in Colombia. We are constantly innovating and executing strategies in collaboration with our suppliers to strengthen our environmental commitment, which is reflected in recognitions that are highly valued by international markets."