FESCO Explores New Banana Import Options from Vietnam and India


According to the Russian news agency Interfax, the Far Eastern Shipping Company (FESCO), the Vladivostok-based shipping and logistics company, one of the largest in the Russian Federation offers Russian importers to diversify their import sources after the ban imposed on five exporting companies from the Andinian country Andrei Severilov, the company’s chairman, informed reporters that they had communicated their readiness to the Russian Agriculture Ministry and all major retail chains.

“We’re prepared to replace banana shipments from Ecuador with shipments from other markets, primarily Vietnam and India, where we already have marine services in place,” Severilov said. He also mentioned that they have the necessary stocks of reefer containers in these countries. When asked about the volume of shipments, Severilov stated that it would depend on the needs of the retail chains. He expressed a preference for contracts to be concluded in a take-or-pay format. “We’re even prepared to acquire an additional fleet if needed, but we need firm guarantees on volumes from retail chains,” he added. Severilov expressed confidence that there won’t be a shortage of bananas in Russia. “If the situation with Ecuador is not resolved we certainly have replacement sourcing markets,” he assured us.

This move by FESCO highlights the adaptability of global supply chains in response to changing circumstances.