Paraguay can now export bananas to Chile


The Ministry of Agriculture of Chile, through Resolution No. 586, reported compliance with the phytosanitary verification process for exporting fresh fruits from Paraguay to this destination. With this, Paraguay can export bananas to the Chilean market.

The Ministry of Agriculture of that country released a statement in which the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) verifies Paraguay's phytosanitary certification process, which complies with the characteristics and components of the Chilean system. The National Service requested verification for Plant and Seed Quality and Health (Senave).

The published document mentioned that bananas are a product of massive imports from Chile. Given the complexity of addressing the phytosanitary safety of substances, coordinating phytosanitary certification processes with the leading exporters requires adequate compliance with commitments.

They also mentioned that the procedures in force and implemented by Senave for the registration and authorisation of banana products and packing plants allow these products from our country to comply with and maintain an appropriate level of risk mitigation for pests of quarantine interest to Chile.

They added that any change in the certification process or in the conditions of pest status affecting banana exports, which impacts compliance with the phytosanitary requirements demanded by Chile, must be reported to the SAG for evaluation. At the end of 2023, national authorities had indicated great expectation on the part of Chile regarding Paraguayan fruit since 70% of the Chilean population consumes bananas.

In other words, it requires a lot of bananas. Initially, they described this condition as an opportunity, and the market's opening finally happened.