First Dual-Temperature Reefer Container with Controlled Atmosphere


Ocean Network Express (ONE) has introduced the world’s first dual-temperature refrigerated container with Controlled Atmosphere (CA) technology. Specifically designed to meet the needs of “Don Quijote,” the largest Japanese discount store chain run by Pan Pacific International Holdings (PPIH), this advancement represents a significant milestone in maritime transportation for perishable goods and fruits. It was developed in partnership with NAX Japan and PPIH.

This innovative container features a detachable divider for separate temperature zones in the centre. The section next to the reefer unit can handle frozen and chilled temperatures, keeping products between -30 °C and +30°C, just like regular refrigerated containers.

In the meantime, a thermal blower in the other compartment drives cold air through the roof to maintain cargo preservation between -5 °C and +30°C. The partition can be adjusted to meet the client’s needs due to its adjustable placement. It can be easily stored in the ceiling, turning the container into a regular refrigerator when it’s not in use. PPIH, currently in charge of 43 stores in six Asian nations, including the well-known “DON DON DONKI” speciality store with Japanese goods, has always had difficulty keeping Japanese fruits and vegetables fresh while being transported by sea.

Furthermore, optimising container loading productivity and reducing transportation expenses is especially critical for nations with fewer retail locations, like Malaysia and Thailand.