Ecuador: Narcotics and weapons found in banana farm


In addition to the 22 tons of drugs found on a banana farm in Vinces, in Los Ríos, there was also the discovery of an arsenal for military use, thousands of ammunitions.

A banana farm was the hideout of the largest drug shipment found in Ecuador. The Armed Forces servants detailed it. At least 22 tons of drugs were seen at the site located in Vinces (Los Ríos province), a seizure considered historic.

The cocaine remained camouflaged in 733 jute bags. The objective was for it to be transported "to the markets of Asia, Europe, and North and Central America, using low-performance light aircraft," the Armed Forces said.

In addition to the drugs, "a cache could be located with approximately three tons of drugs, 12 rifles and more than 5,000 5.56 caliber ammunition," reported the Ecuadorian Army. Everything was stored in an underground warehouse, and a person guarded the site.

The Ecuadorian authorities proceeded to destroy the 22 tons on January 22.

The Ministry of the Interior recalled that it was a record seizure made by the armed forces under the current state of emergency and that the process of destroying the drugs lasted eleven hours using the 'encapsulation' method recommended by the U.N., which consists of mixing the narcotic with cement and waste materials, in compliance with environmental and legal protocols. The national police informed that the cocaine seized was transferred, under heavy guard, to Quito, where the destruction process took place.

President Daniel Noboa estimated that the street value of the drugs seized by the Army in Vinces would be between 300 and 500 million dollars at the destination.

More than 150 military personnel arrived by land and by air to "Paris Chiquito" to carry out the largest operation ever recorded in the country after several months of investigation.