Banana producers consider payment unviable


The Paraguayan Chamber of Bananas and Pineapples (Capabap) stated that how Argentina intends to settle the debt with producers through the bond for the Reconstruction of a Free Argentina (Bopreal) is not viable and that on Monday, January 29, they will have a meeting with local authorities to analyze another means of payment.

The vice president of Capabap, Eng. Óscar Peña, said that it is not accessible and possible for producers to accept payment with vouchers, since it will not be possible to make it effective. "Who's going to be the person who's going to be able to trade those bonds, and how is that going to be channelled into the sector? It's impossible," Peña said. He then mentioned that during the meeting, they would analyze this proposal to reject it and talk to the authorities so that they could negotiate other payment alternatives. The debt with the item is around USD 9 million, corresponding to shipments in 2023. In this regard, Peña said that so far, they have not received payments for "new exports."