Madeira banana sales increased 10.8% in 2023


According to data made available by the Regional Directorate of Agriculture (D.R.A.), in 2023, 25.2 thousand tons of bananas produced in Madeira were sold, an increase of 2.5 thousand tons compared to 2022, 10.8% more. It should be noted that this volume of bananas sold is the highest since 1999. In 2023, only the extra class grew compared to the previous year (+15.2%), with classes I (-6.7%) and II (-12.3%) recording drops compared to 2022. It should be noted that the extra class of bananas reached 21.4 thousand tons, representing 84.7% of the total sold (81.4% in the previous year), which also constitutes a historic maximum.

Of this total banana, 85.7% was shipped to mainland Portugal (85.0% in 2022), with the remaining 14.3% sold in the regional market (15.0% in the previous year), adds the Regional Directorate of Madeira Statistics. September was the month in 2023 in which the highest volume of bananas was sold, recording (3.3 thousand tons), and February was the month with the lowest volume of this product (1.0 thousand tons).

October and September had the highest year-on-year increase (+33.4% and +24.2%, respectively). On the other hand, February, December, and March were the only months of 2023 that recorded similar drops in this indicator (-21.2%, -8.6% and -5.4%, in the same order).