Costa Rica: F.O.B. Price Update Requested per Box of Bananas


The National Banana Corporation has updated the "Model to formulate a recommendation for a minimum exit price per one box of bananas". It has been submitted to the producers, banana traders, and government representatives from the three signatory ministries to Executive Decree to set the minimum exit price of one box of bananas for export. 

On the grounds of the Law for the Promotion of Competition and the Effective Defense of the Consumer, Number 7472, article 5, paragraph 4, for the case of the Executive Power setting the minimum price of bananas for export, under the CORBANA Law Number 4895 and its amendments (article 4 – clause II), the recommendation has been forwarded to the Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Trade (MEIC in Spanish), to update the minimum exit price thereupon passing to the value of USD 9,65 per box of first quality bananas with 18,14 kilograms, F.O.B. mode.