Cool Carriers New Schedule for the Ecuador-St. Petersburg Service



Cool Carriers informed that starting from Week 11, will resume the regular 21-day direct transit from Guayaquil/Puerto Bolivar to St. Petersburg. “This change reflects our unwavering commitment to providing you with excellent service.”

To ensure a smooth transition, we will implement this change gradually, not to skip a loading week; for example, during Weeks 8 to 10, the contract volume will be reduced by 25%.


Please take note of the following itineraries for the upcoming weeks:


Week 8

Departure: 25/02

Arrival: 25/03

Transit: 30 days


Week 9

Departure: 03/03

Arrival: 29/03

Transit: 26 days


Week 10

Departure: 10/03

Arrival: 03/04

Transit: 24 days


Week 11

Departure: 17/03

Arrival: 08/04

Transit: 21 days