Banana Labels Reveal Important Information


Stickers on the peel of bananas are something that most people don't look at. In addition to the possible name of the producer, the declaration should also include a number that reveals essential information about the way the fruit was grown. Statements primarily refer to fruit imported from abroad, and this is the meaning of those numbers:

The case of a label with four numbers starting with the number 3 or 4 means that it was grown with artificial fertilizers, that is, according to the agricultural rules that have been valid for the last 50 years. Such lemons are for example marked with 4033, while bananas are numbered 4011.

If the fruit does not have four numbers on it, but five - of which the first number is 9, this shows that the fruit is organically grown. Such a declaration guarantees that the fruit was grown without fertilizers and pesticides. For example, organically grown bananas carry the number 94011.

The first number on the declaration is 8, this is perhaps the most important declaration and is a fruit that has been genetically modified, and it is recognized by five numbers, the first of which is always the digit 8. Such bananas have the number 84011 on them.

For fruits and vegetables to carry the "eco" label, conditions related to storage and transport procedures must also be met. Thus, unlike conventionally grown fruits and vegetables, they must not be sprayed with chemicals, irradiated, or subjected to any processes that artificially extend their shelf life and keep their appearance of freshness.