Fake ‘Jamaican Bananas’ found on Canadian store shelves


JP Farms, the leading commercial banana farmer in Jamaica, has declared that it will pursue legal action against fraudsters in Canada who have distorted its brand by selling bananas with counterfeit JP branding.

Jamaica Gleaner said that JP Farms wants “Jamaican bananas” wearing counterfeit JP branding removed from the Canadian market as soon as feasible.

According to the company’s assessment, counterfeit banana stickers are circular, while JP stickers are oval. Moreover, the counterfeit bananas utilise the outdated St Mary’s logo, whereas the JP bananas feature the updated St Mary’s emblem.

Initial examinations by JP Farms suggested that the counterfeit “Jamaican bananas” originated from another Caribbean island.

“The counterfeit bananas exhibit quality problems that would not have met JP Farms’ export criteria, such as sunburn damage and being too old to be utilised as boiling bananas,” stated Mario Figueroa, general manager of JP Farms. “This means that the fruit would be difficult when cooked,” he said.

Figueroa continued, “Our customers have come to know and trust JP bananas, and we are disappointed that this trust is being abused; thus, we have talked with our legal team and taken fast action to protect our customers, our hardworking farm staff in Jamaica, and our brand.”

JP Farms has a significant presence on the Canadian market, exporting twice a week to distributors who serve the Caribbean diaspora.

JP Farms urges consumers to be watchful and business owners to intervene.

“While we pursue legal action, we urgently urge Canadian retailers selling counterfeit bananas to immediately remove the counterfeit product from their shelves and discontinue all sales of these bananas,” Figueroa said.

Commercial Manager Neleta White stated, “Our farming operations are based in Jamaica, but we maintain a strong line of sight in all of our markets locally, nationally, and internationally, and we will not hesitate to pursue legal action against anyone considering taking this deceptive route for a quick sale.